Upower UP500 Set Dental Laboratory System

Upower UP500 Set Dental Laboratory SystemCode : UPWR-up500set

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Product Description

Upower UP500 System has been highly regarded for a long time
Tested and proven high quality and reliable product in the dental laboratory industry.

A product you can own for life!

Compact and lightweight - Unit is a space saver.
Special circuitry guarantees the accuracy of RPM.
Operation by manual mode or by variable foot control pedal (VC60)
Complete safety systems are installed on the UP500 enclosure.
1. A fuse protects against the abnormal current at the primary and secondary circuit of the transformer.
2. A thermal fuse protects against the overheating of the transformer.
3. A thermal sensor protects against overheating of the output circuit block.
4. Accessible metal parts are concealed in UP500 high impact plastic casing.
5. Electronic circuit breaker protects against the overload of micromotor handpiece.

Additional specifications
Output - DC-30V Dimension - w6.69" x d7.67" x h4.13" Weight - 5.29 lbs


The UG33 handpiece is specially designed for dental laboratory application. The micromotor handpiece is equipped with a reinforced dustproof mechanism to deliver constant power and accuracy in typical dental laboratory environment.
•Air Cooling system has been adopted throughout the micromotor handpiece. It generates little or no heat even after prolong of use.
•Curled cord of micromotor handpiece is for ease of cord management without losing the length.
•Runs smoothly and quietly up to its maximum speed with very minimal vibration.
Micromotor handpiece is equipped with grease shielded ball bearings so that lubrication is not necessary.
•Adoption of a special mechanism enables burs to be changed in one easy operation (PAT.)
•Noise reduction capacitor to radio tunes has been equipped on the micromotor handpiece.

Specifications of micromotor:
Input: DC30V‚ (Max)Speed: 35‚000 rpm‚ Size: Diameter 1.1" x L 6.3"‚ Weight: 0.4 lbs (not including motor cord)‚ 10 Ncm Mounted Collet Chuck: 2.35 mm

Product Features

  • Includes UP500 Controller‚ UG33 handpiece‚ and VC60 variable foot controller.
  • 1 year warranty on the controller‚ 6 month handpiece warranty
  • High quality product Made in Japan