Oral Surgical Repair Service
  • Meticulous diagnosis of every surgical instrument received for repair
  • Highest quality parts used
  • Experienced technicians
  • Cost effective - 30% - 60% savings over factory repairs
  • All repairs performed in compliance with OEM specifications
  • Free estimates, no repairs performed without your consent
  • Free pick-up and delivery nationwide
  • Fast turnaround
  • Hassle free warranty - full 3-6 months on parts and labor
  • We buy and sell refurbished handpieces

Brand new handpieces also available for sale

Note: We service most major brands of powered surgical instruments and accessories including, but not limited to, the following manufacturers: Hall, Stryker, 3M, Ace Surgical, Aesculap, Anspach, Aro, Brown, Codman, Depuy, MicroAire, Microtek, Midas Rex, Tava, Triton, Sarns, Synthes, Zimmer.

Pneumatic Powered Instruments Pricing

LEVEL 1 (Preventive Maintenance)

  • Initial test and analysis
  • Disassemble and clean internal parts
  • Replace seals and O'rings
  • Etching/Color coding
  • Complete system lubrication
  • Performance test and calibrate to manufacturer specifications

$175.00 Small and Large Bone Instruments

LEVEL 2 (Intermediate Repair)

  • All procedures in Level 1
  • Remove oxidation
  • Replace bearings, springs, retaining rings and clips
  • 6 month warranty on labor and parts replaced

$325.00 Small Bone Instruments

$399.00 Large Bone instruments

LEVEL 3 (Complete Overhaul)

  • All procedures in Level 1 & 2
  • Repair or replace as applicable: Gear Box, Distributor, Control Mechanism, Swivel Assembly, Collet Mechanism, Rebuild Motor

*6 month warranty on parts and labor

$499.00 Small Bone Instruments

$599.00 Large Bone instruments

Accessories repair starts @ $49.00

$165.00 Air Hoses (Complete Service)

$85.00 Burguard (Complete Service)

Note: Custom parts such as drive shaft and housing are extra.

Electric/Battery Powered Instruments Pricing Level 3 (Complete Overhaul), 3 month warranty

  • Hall 5040 Micro E Series $549.00
  • Hall 5040 Micro E Driver $649.00
  • Hall 5048 Versipower Series $899.00
  • Hall 5071 Versipower Plus Series $899.00
  • Hall 5052 Microchoice Series $549.00 level 2
  • Stryker 296 and 2296 Series $679.00
  • Stryker 296 and 2296 Drivers $849.00
  • Stryker 2100 Series $1099.00
  • Stryker 4100, 4200, 5000 Series $1099.00
  • Stryker 5100 TPS Series $549.00

Call for handpieces not listed

We provide the highest quality dental handpiece repair service available at a very reasonable cost. Thorough inspections performed to guarantee proper diagnosis and repair of your equipment, backed by our own hassle free and longer warranties that meet or exceed OEM specifications to provide you with maximum value for your service dollar.

Call (702) 388-1888 or toll free 1-888-488-3885 for free-in office pick-up or to request a mailer kit.

Free pick-up and delivery is valid only within United States.