Handpiece Repair Service
  • In-house repair specializing in all manufacturers' high and low speed handpieces
  • User friendly service, fast turnaround from the time consent of repair is obtained
  • All types of repairs performed are in compliance with OEM specifications
  • Parts used of same quality as manufacturers'
  • Inspection of spindle concentricity for all high speed handpieces
  • Toll free number 1-888-488-3885 for direct access to Handpiece Solutions, Inc. experienced technicians
  • Free Estimates - obtaining your consent before making any repairs is our standard operating policy
  • Free pick-up and delivery nationwide
  • Proven cost effective-savings of 30%-60% over factory repairs
  • We provide free maintenance information
  • We buy and sell refurbished handpieces
  • Brand new handpieces are also available for sale
  • 6 month warranty on high speed repair (Overhaul)
  • 1 year warranty on low speed repair (Overhaul)

High Speed Repair (Overhaul) - 6 month warranty

  • Midwest Tradition/Quiet Air/XGT / $89.00
  • Midwest STYLUS (Ceramic Lube Free)$129.00
  • Star 430 (Lube Type, non- ceramic bearings) $89.00
  • Star 430SWL/Solara (Ceramic Lube Free bearings) $119.00
  • KaVo (all models) $99.00 - $119.00
  • Lares $89.00
  • Impact Air 45 Surgical $99.00
  • Bien Air $99.00
  • NSK (most models) $89.00
  • W&H/Adec $99.00
Click here to view the simplified maintenance guide for high speed handpieces

Note: During warranty period, if chuck/spindle assembly fails, then a new turbine maybe be required. As a courtesy, customer will be billed at a pro-rated price. Service includes new bearings, O-rings, seals, wave washers, end gaskets, clearing air and H2O lines & full performance test (RPM, Torque, Concentricity and Lift Force Check on the lever and Push Button type chucks). Push button or lever type chucks can only be rebuilt if chucking mechanism is functioning correctly. Otherwise, new turbine will be required and additional fees may be applied. Call for handpieces not listed.

Low Speed Repair (Overhaul) - 1 year warranty

  • Midwest Shorty / Tru Torc 1 Speed $159.00
  • Midwest Shorty / Tru-Torc 2 Speed $179.00
  • Midwest Rhino $159.00
  • Athena Champion Little Guy $159.00
  • Star Titan I, II, III $159.00
  • KaVo (all models) $159.00 - $299.00
  • W&H $159.00 - $199.00
  • Micromite $159.00
  • NSK (most models) $159.00

Note: Service includes replacement of bearings, check or replace vanes, rotor springs, clean & lube clutch housing, balance, polish and full performance test. For replacement of clutch, motor & rotor housing, stripped threads, additional fees may apply.

Electric 1:5 Contra Angle Service - 6 month warranty

  • KaVo/Star/NSK/W&H/Bien Air $199.00 & up with Free Estimate

Note: Complete disassembly, evaluation and cleaning of internal components. Replacement of all worn out parts as necessary including bearings, gears, drive shaft, springs and washers to meet the OEM specifications. For replacement of rotor and drive shaft assembly, additional fee may apply

Air Scaler Service - 6 month warranty

  • KaVo/Midwest/Star/NSK From $150.00 & up with Free Estimate

Note: Includes replacement of suspension tubes, crimp rings, air rotor, O'rings, cIean H2O lines and full performance test. For replacement of worn out spindle, additional fee may apply.

Nosecone/Contra Angle Service - 6 month warranty

  • KaVo/Star/Midwest/W&H/NSK $79.00 - $169.00

Note: Includes replacement of gears, bearings, springs, clean, lube & full performance test. Replacement of spindle shaft or drive shaft assembly, additional fees may be applied

Head Attachment Service - 6 month warranty

  • KaVo/Star/Midwest/NSK/W&H/Bien Air $45.00 - $149.00

Note: Includes replacement of bearings, seals, springs, alignment of gears, cleaning internal components and full performance test. For replacement of rotor and drive shaft assembly, additional fees may apply.

Fiber Optic Replacement

  • Midwest $179.00
  • Star $179.00
  • KaVo $225.00
  • NSK $179.00
  • W&H $225.00

Note: Includes replacement of broken glass rod or fiber optic bundle. Cleaning internal components and replacement of body orings and brazing of loose heads for Star and Midwest.

Laboratory Handpiece - 3 month warranty

  • KaVo/NSK/NOUVAG/RAM/Buffalo/Bien Air. From $89.00 & up with Free estimate

Call for handpieces not listed

We provide the highest quality dental handpiece repair service available at a very reasonable cost. Thorough inspections performed to guarantee proper diagnosis and repair of your equipment, backed by our own hassle free and longer warranties that meet or exceed OEM specifications to provide you with maximum value for your service dollar.

Call (702) 388-1888 or toll free 1-888-488-3885 for free-in office pick-up or to request a mailer kit.

Free pick-up and delivery is valid only within United States. Note: For declined repair services, we charge $12.00 return shipping fee. For declined manufacturers repair services, evaluation charge will be applied.