UPower G7 Dental Laboratory Set

UPower G7 Dental Laboratory SetCode : UPWR-g7set

Powerful, efficient and high quality

Price: $998.00

Product Description

The High performance micro grinder G7 offer more comfortable work than ever.
The newly developed controller with micro computer and handpiece with off/on switch provide functional and user-friendly operation.

Smooth start up with variable speed control
Digital RPM display
High quality‚ Powerful torque and reliable
Dual handpiece connection (extra handpiece is option)
Vibration free with dust seal protection motor
Variable control knob and foot switch.

Made in Japan.

Product Features

  • UP900 Controller

  • Micro computer control
  • Smooth and comfortable operation by built in micro computer.
  • This will control best torque for each motor automatically.

  • Auto cruise foot pedal

  • It is possible to fix the rotation speed when using foot pedal.
  • No more necessary to keep stepping foot pedal.

  • Self diagnostic function

  • G7 controller checks condition of motor and controller for safety reason.
  • When heating up‚ fan inside the controller start automatically to reduce the temperature.

  • Load indicator

  • 8 steps load indicator allows operator to see the condition clearly.
  • For longer life time‚ it will be cautioned for overwork.

  • Digital rotation display

  • 2 digit display is for easy adjustment of rotation speed.
  • Appropriate rotation speed for each tool brings out the best performance.

  • Error code

  • When heating up‚ overload and defective of motor cord‚ error code is displayed for easy trouble shooting.

  • Includes G7 controller (120V)‚ G7 handpiece‚ and variable pedal

  • G7 Controller

  • Model: UP901 (120V)
  • Rated input: AC120V 60Hz
  • Dimension: W 200 x D 180 x H 100 mm
  • Weight: 2.3 kg

  • G7 Handpiece

  • Model: UG43A
  • Max RPM: 35‚000 rpm
  • Dimension: 28 mm (Max) x L 157 mm
  • Weight 220 g
  • Made in Japan

  • Upgrade system from Upower UP500
  • 1 year console box warranty
  • 6 month handpiece warranty