MK-dent Germany HC5021 "Titanium Line" Non-Optic, Large Head. Fits Sirona Coupler

Code: HC5021

Price: $425.00Offer Price: $299.00

Only 2 pcs. left in stock! Fits Sirona coupler Only 1 left in stock!

Robust 25.000 LUX fibre optic glass rod for perfect view in every situation.
Sterilization resistant at up to 135 C and thermally disinfectable without reducing the light intensity
Choice of 3 or 1-port water spray. A good prevention for thermal damage of the tooth
Choice of mini, small or standard head sizes
Ceramic ball bearings for quiet, powerful, heat resistant and vibration-free operation
Comfort push button chuck system for quick, easy and safety bur changing
Compatible with Sirona coupler
  • Large head with triple cooling spray
  • Non-optic
  • Comfort-push-button-system, titanium, powerful, quiet
  • Concentric with ceramic ball bearings turbine
  • Low repair cost
  • Fits Sirona coupler
  • 1 year warranty

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