EasyOil Lubrication MultiAdapter

Code: HSDN269

Price: $145.00

The best lubrication adapter. Ever!

The universal solution for a trouble-free handpiece care.

EasyOil is the universal support that can conveniently gather up to five different adapters to meet all your dental handpiece maintenance needs.
An effective handpiece care results in fewer failures and great savings on repair costs.
EasyOil allows you to take care of your handpieces in an easy, fast and convenient way because all you need is included, readily at hand.
With just a few, simple gestures EasyOil will help you make the life of your handpieces longer.
Product comes with E-type and chuck cleaner adapters Patented
  • EasyOil MultiAdapter (supports up to 5 EasyAdapters) include:
  • 1 x ISO/E-Type (INTRAmatic) slow speed EasyAdapter
  • 1 x Chuck Maintenance EasyAdapter
  • 1 x Additional High Speed EasyAdapter
  • It fits all brand of Spray lubricant in the market

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