Autoscaler Ultrasonic Dental Scaler with automatic tuning

Autoscaler Ultrasonic Dental Scaler with automatic tuningCode : autoscaler


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Price: $618.00

Product Description

The Autoscaler ™ is American made for high quality‚ and as the professional you get an outstanding product. Beware of low quality imported products that pretend to be American made.
The Autoscaler ™ is a great value! It is designed to accept and function efficiently with Dentsply® Cavitron® brand insert tips

It is available in equally effective 25k and 30k models. The Autoscaler™ is made with a durable aluminum cabinet that will not crack or turn yellow in color like plastic.

The Autoscaler ™ is also available in retrofit build-in style model that is incorporated into the dental chair and operates from the chair main rheostat.
High quality device‚ reliable and simple to operate.


Product Features

  • High performance ratings by a leading research institute
  • Precision Automatic Tuning Circuit designed to lock-in and activate Dentsly/Cavitron® inserts in an elliptical pattern which provides feather touch removal of stain and calculus under all load conditions.
  • Accepts Cavitron® inserts "P" "SLI" "TFI" "FSI"
  • Optional Built-in Air Switch allows interfacing with the operatory air system and eliminates the need for a foot control.
  • Linear Power Control used by Periodontists for special applications and routine scaling. The Operator can choose the exact power level needed.
  • Detachable handpiece for easy cleaning and replacement
  • 6 Year Circuit Board Warranty‚ 2 Year warranty on all other components.
  • Online Internet Support at www.autoscaler.com
  • Choice of 25K or 30K
  • Made in USA