BonArt P-10 Universal Insert

BonArt P-10 Universal InsertCode : P-10-BONART


Price: $70.00
Sale Price: $62.00

Product Description

The P-10 series tip is a universal sized tip with a metal grip. Water flows from an external water tube above the tip. This tip is best for general scaling procedures.
Compatible with most major brand magnetostrictive scalers.

CE and ISO certified
510K registered

25KHz: TM0006-162
30KHz: TM0007-062

Compatible 25KHz Devices:
ART-M3II (25KHz model)
ART-MB3 (25KHz model)

Compatible 30KHz Devices:
ART-M3II (30KHz model)
ART-MB3 (30KHz model)

Product Features

  • Water flow: External
  • Water tube: Metal
  • Power setting: Low to High
  • Tip: Stainless Steel
  • Stem: Stacked nickel strip