Super Sonic Air Scaler

Code: SA100

Price: $550.00

Simple and User Friendly!
SA-100 Super Sonic Scaler is a newly developed handpiece in constant pursuit of ease-of-use in dental scaling application. Simple, lightweight, powerful, safe, quiet, gentle, and easy-to-grip. SA-100 thin scaling tips make both users and patients feel comfortable during scaling at various intraoral sites.

The pursuit of usability
SA-100 Super Sonic Scaler provides excellent operability and reduces hands' fatigue because of its compact and lightweight handpiece with a well-fit silicon hand grip. The silicon grip is replaceable and has three colors: pink, blue and yellow

“Super Sonic” scaling
SA-100 generates Super Sonic waves, and it vibrates the tips 3X more up to 14,000Hz - 18,000Hz compared to an ordinary air scaler that can only go up to 3,000Hz - 6,000Hz. It drastically reduces air-driven noise, and create gentle vibration different from ultrasonic scalers. Thus, SA-100 Super Sonic Scaler enables to provide comfortable treatments for both users and patients.

Air-driven and excellent in safety; no electromagnetic wave interference with other instruments
SA-100 Super Sonic Scaler generates no electromagnetic wave and will not interfere with other instruments in the operatory. The operator can use SA-100 safely on patients carrying medical devices like a cardiac pacemaker.

Quick Repair System: Chairside vibratory cartridge replaceable
SA-100 Super Sonic Scaler employs the new feature "Quick Repair System" to solve a performance drop due to trouble or wear of vibration source only. To remove the outer sheath and replace the cartridge is an immediate trouble solution in your operatory.

3 attached scaling tips for preventive care and periodontal treatment
SA-100 Super Sonic Scaler comes with three scaling tips developed in cooperation with specialists of preventive care and perio treatment as well as hygienists.

Available with various quick-disconnect couplings of major handpiece manufacturers, as well as 4-hole connection to meet the demands of many users.
  • No electromagnetic wave interference with other instruments
  • It can be used safely on patients using medical devices such as cardiac pacemaker
  • Powerful with frequency up to 14,000 Hz - 18,000 Hz
  • Quiet and Gentle
  • Chairside replaceable cartridge for an easy, quick, and cost-effective service
  • Includes three scaling tips
  • Autoclavable
  • 1-year warranty
  • Made in Japan
  • Fits the following connections below: KaVo Multiflex, W&H RotoQuick, NSK Mach/Phatelus, Sirona, Bien Air Unifix type couplers, and 4-hole hose connection.

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