Brasseler PneuMicro Wiredriver (Compatible to a Linvatec® Hall® Hose Connection)

Brasseler PneuMicro Wiredriver (Compatible to a Linvatec® Hall® Hose Connection)Code : PM-M11

Price: $4,799.00

Product Description

The PneuMicro™ Wiredriver from Brasseler USA brings dependable lube-free technology to the surgeon. This pneumatically-powered unit‚ with a comfort grip handle design‚ places precise‚ variable speed control at your fingertips.

An Array of New‚ Outstanding Features:
For Precise‚ Dependable Control and Power
• Fatigue-reducing‚ ergonomic handle design.
• Lightweight and compact.
• Highly responsive‚ variable speed trigger.
• Improved‚ robust‚ high-performance motor design.
• Lube-free motor design for reduced maintenance.
• Expanded wire/pin diameter range...from 0.7 mm to 2.0 mm.
• Convenient‚ single hand directional control switch.
• Improved valve design for enhanced directional control with “positive touch.”

The PneuMicro™ Wiredriver‚s motor and valve delivers the control and power necessary for drilling and wire fixation‚ and our collet design offers expanded versatility of drilling with quick connect drills.

Speed: 0 - 2‚100 rpm
Torque: 45 in-oz (31.8 N-cm)
Operating Pressure: 90 - 110 psi (6.2 - 7.6 kg/cm2)
Wire/Pin Diameter Range: 0.028 - 0.078 in (0.7 - 2.0 mm)