NSK SGS-E2S 1:2 Speed Increaser Straight Handpiece

NSK SGS-E2S 1:2 Speed Increaser Straight HandpieceCode : NSK-SGS-E2S

Price: $1,217.00
Sale Price: $1,129.00

Product Description

Designed specifically for use in micro-surgery‚ oral surgery and ENT surgery‚ these handpieces are built to operate with the utmost precision of rotational axis and minimal vibration in high speed range. NSK Micro-Surgery handpieces help making more precise and safer operations. With built-in NSK patented Clean Head System‚ the handpiece is protected from internal contamination‚ and thus the life is substantially extended.

All NSK handpieces are repeatedly autoclavable up to 135 degrees.

Product Features

  • Handpiece can be used with any E-type implant motor systems
  • For surgical burs (2.35)
  • Fits 65-70 mm long bur
  • Twist chuck
  • Clean Head System
  • 6 Months Warranty

Brochures / Catalogs

NSK SGS Operation Manual