AquaSept™ Air / Water Syringe System Starter Kit

AquaSept™ Air / Water Syringe System Starter KitCode : hs10342

Price: $743.00

Product Description

AquaSept is the only fully autoclavable sterile irrigation system on the market. AquaSept seamlessly integrates with most dental units‚ providing superior patient care. The AquaSept system for High Speed Handpiece and Air / Water Syringe is a valuable addition to any dental office‚ decreasing procedure times while increasing patient volume and value.

Kit includes: (1) AquaSept™ Air / Water Syringe System (1) AquaSept™ Air / Water Syringe Installation Kit (1) Adapter - Sterile Pour Bottle

Notes: 1) Installation Kits are designed for use with most dental units. 2) Swing Arms are sold separately. 3) Sterile Pour Bottle Adapters are used to attach directly to pre-filled sterile pour bottles

Product Features


    Easily install AquaSept™ on virtually any dental unit. Retrofit your high speed handpiece for surgical procedures and add a sterile syringe to your set-up‚ eliminating the need for hand irrigation. AquaSept is always available on the dental unit‚ ensuring sterile irrigation is accessible and convenient for any procedure.


    The AquaSept™ system is a valuable addition to any dental office. Set-up and tear down times are fast‚ boosting productivity and increasing the bottom line. AquaSept™ is designed to be autoclaved between uses‚ including the waterlines‚ thereby preventing biofilm buildup‚ disease transmission‚ and patient cross-contamination. No other system provides as much value.


    The unique and proprietary design of the AquaSept™ system allows for easy irrigation control on the handpiece and no footprint. The AquaSept™ system eliminates the need for additional staff for hand lavage‚ water treatment systems and reduces waste. Nothing performs better.