AquaFit System with Air / Water Syringe

AquaFit System with Air / Water SyringeCode : hs10229

Price: $977.00

Product Description

All of the great features of the AquaFit™ System with the added benefit of an Air / Water Syringe.

Fully autoclavable system with (2) 8 ounce autoclavable bottles. Uses autoclavable tubing for sterile delivery pathway‚ eliminating possible waterline contamination.

Fits external irrigation ports on Electric handpieces‚ Acteon® Piezo handpieces (requires Sterijoint® adapter)‚ and Cavitron™ models GEN-131‚ GEN-124‚ GEN-119‚ GEN-110 (requires SteriMate™ adapter)

Requirements: Installation kits and swing arms sold separately. Includes: (1) AquaFit™ Irrigation Unit with (1) Air / Water Syringe (2) 8 oz. Bottles