BonArt ART-P3II Pelican Piezoelectric Scaler

BonArt ART-P3II Pelican Piezoelectric ScalerCode : ART-P3II

Price: $519.93

Product Description

The Pelican Piezoelectric Scaler is the 2nd series of the original ART-P3 with new and improved features. The Pelican comes installed with Auto Gain Control that adjusts power settings for optimal performance‚ and has 3 modes of operation: Scaling‚ Perio‚ and Endo. While larger than the Piper (ART-P6)‚ the Pelican has a built in LCD screen for displaying power settings and modes. Power and water flow are adjusted through knobs located on the front of the scaler.

The Pelican piezo hand piece now has a LED for enhanced visibility.

Device Name: Pelican
Model Number: ART-P3II
Part number: P3II-1-BMBL-A1-60-0

CE and ISO certified
510K registered

Included Parts & Accessories:
Pelican (ART-P3II) piezoelectric scaler main unit (x1)
PS0036-002: BS-type LED piezo hand piece (x1)
PS0007-072: Metal torque wrench (x1)
TP0102-042: BS-1 Universal pointed tip (x2)
TP0102-032: BS-2 Flat chisel tip (x1)
TP0102-052: BS-P Slim perio tip (x2)
TP0102-152: BS-PFU Straight perio tip (x1)

Included accessories may vary per region.

Power supply: 110V
Operating frequency: 26KHz ~ 32KHz
Water flow: 25~100 ml/min
Dimension (cm): 26(L) x 20(W) x 7(H)
Weight (including the hand piece): 3.5 kg
Hand piece cable length: 250 cm
Foot switch cable length: 250 cm

Product Features

  • P.C. Board: 1-year limited warranty
  • Hand Piece: 1-year limited warranty
  • Power Cord: 1-year limited warranty
  • Foot Switch: 90-day limited warranty
  • Tips: 90-day limited warranty