Nouvag 5053 20:1 Contra Angle‚ Non-Optic

Nouvag 5053 20:1 Contra Angle‚ Non-OpticCode : 5053

Price: $785.00

Product Description

The Nouvag 5053 push button contra angle with 20:1 gear reduction is the standard instrument for the brushless motor systems: Nouvag MD 11‚ Nouvag MD 30‚ TCM 3000. It meets requirements for drilling in bone‚ cutting threads‚ and slowly turning in implants.

With INTRA EN3964 coupling for drill bits of a shank diameter of 2.35 mm for a max. Torque of 80 Ncm.

Product Features

  • Contra angle reduction 20:1
  • Push button
  • High quality product made in Switzerland