Super Sonic Scaler fits Multiflex Lux KaVo couplers - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE non-optic KaVo type coupler

Super Sonic Scaler fits Multiflex Lux KaVo couplers - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE non-optic KaVo type couplerCode : sssmf

It's quiet and powerful at 17,000 Hz!

Price: $525.00

Product Description

Quietness‚ comfort and efficiency combined in scaling.
SSS achieved a substantial reduction of characteristic running noise of air scaler.
It is recommendable for doctors who have been avoided air scalers so far.

The characteristics running noise of air scaler is substantially reduced.
The frequency of SSS is successfully raised to ultrasonic range. At the frequency of SSS close to limit of audibility‚ only slight noise and air exhaust sound are audible. SSS offers comfortable treatment both to operator and patient.

High-speed and micro vibration realized low stimulus and light touch treatment.
The high-speed and micro vibration enables SSS to realize light touch treatment of extremely low stimulus and much less painful root planing.

NEW! "Quick Repair System": vibratory cartridge replaceable in your operatory.
SSS employs the new feature "Quick Repair System" to solve a performance drop due to trouble or wear of vibration source simply. Just to remove the outer sheath and replace the cartridge. An immediate trouble solution in your operatory.

Air-driven and excellent safety; no electromagnetical wave interference with other instruments.
SSS generates no electromagnetic wave and will not interfere with other instruments in the operatory. The operator can use SSS safely on patients carrying medical instruments like cardiac pacemaker.

3 attached scaling tips for preventive care and periodontal treatment
SSS comes with three scaling tips developed in cooperation with specialists of preventive care and perio treatment as well as hygienists.

Product Features

  • Air driven and excellent safety
  • No electromagnetic wave interference with other instruments.
  • It can be used safely on patients using medical instruments such as a cardiac pacemaker.
  • Powerful with frequency up to 17‚000 Hz.
  • Quiet and Gentle
  • Chairside replaceable cartridge for an easy‚ quick and cost effective service.
  • Includes 3 scaling tips
  • Autoclavable
  • 1 year warranty
  • Made in Japan
  • Fits Multiflex Lux KaVo type couplers