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  • From the moment Bien Air started designing the Nova handpiece, we had one ambition – not to compromise… thanks to the small head, the slim handle, its lightness, its low noise level and its extreme durability, it is quite simply the most advanced handpiece on the market.

    Drawing on 60 years of expertise, Bien-Air is on a constant quest for practical innovation, optimal ergonomics and extreme reliability. We believe that the quality and reliability of our instruments underpin the quality and precision of your work.

    Reduced risks of cross contamination.
  • Risks of cross contamination are reduced thanks to the anti-retraction valve and the Sealed Head protection.The anti-retraction valve considerably reduces the flow of fluids from the oral cavity back into the dental unit's hoses. Alongside this, the protective Sealed Head mechanism reduces the aspiration of fluids into the instrument head.

    Say goodbye to obstacles.
  • To guarantee optimal irrigation in the working area, the Accu-Spray Quattro Mix system focuses four asymmetrical air/water sprays* on the end of the bur with laser precision.
    Connected to one of our LED motors, a multi-strand optical glass conductor simulates daylight conditions with reduced reflection for exceptional visibility in the working area.
    *only available on Nova 1:5 versions

    Enhanced Safety
  • Integrated in the ceramic push-button thermally insulated from the Nova's head, the patented Cool Touch+ heat-arresting technology prevents the build-up of heat to reduce the risk of burns to patients.

    Extended service life.
  • The Cylkro® gears are designed to reduce friction and protect against wear. This new design makes the Nova an ultra-durable handpiece.

    Improved reliability.
  • The chuck system now features a new PVD coating. This makes the opening/closing system more reliable and extends the service life by 30% compared to a conventional handpiece. It also reduces the risk of jamming, allowing you to perform procedures without any interruptions.

  • Ultra-slim
  • Stainless steel
  • 4 times better shock resistant
  • Double the service life
  • Anti-retraction valve
  • 2 year warranty

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