Bien Air Powercare Ultrasonic Scaler
Bien Air Powercare Ultrasonic Scaler

Bien Air Powercare Ultrasonic ScalerCode : BA1700343-001

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Product Description

Thanks to its high-precision piezo technology‚ the POWERCARE ultrasonic scaler distributed by Bien-Air emerges as the instrument of choice for the removal of deposits and supragingival and subgingival dental prophylaxis. Powercare controls and automatically adjusts the power necessary for each operation. This guarantees you optimal efficiency during your work. For their part‚ your patients benefit from enhanced comfort. With its lightweight and ergonomic handle‚ Powercare offers you visibility and excellent handling. It is supplied with a basic kit to which a wide range of high-performance inserts can be added. Powercare. Take control.

Product Features

  • The POWERCARE set has been designed for integration into the dental unit.
  • Power variation can be controlled by a potentiometer (not supplied). The Powercare‚s case can be used as a holder during sterilization. A torque wrench is provided for secure locking.
  • A wide range of high-performance inserts covering the main prophylactic applications is available.
  • Set contents:
  • 1 Powercare ultrasonic scaler
  • ref. 1600674-001
  • 1 scaler hose
  • ref. 1600675-001
  • 1 torque wrench‚ sterilizable
  • ref. 1304239-001
  • 1 electronic control
  • ref. 1304240-001
  • 1 connector with wires‚ for potentiometer
  • ref. 1304417
  • 1 box for scaler‚ sterilizable
  • ref. 1304241-001
  • 1 support for inserts‚ sterilizable
  • ref. 1304242-001
  • 2 S1 inserts
  • ref. 1304243-001
  • 1 P1 insert
  • ref. 1304247-001