Bien Air TD 783 Turbine
Bien Air TD 783 Turbine

Bien Air TD 783 TurbineCode : BA1600162-001

Price: $536.37

Product Description

Extremely simple and solid‚ Bien-Air air-driven units have been the best friends of ceramists and prosthetists for many years now. Their turbines - the best on the market - have something to do with this: with a rotation speed of 300‚000 rpm‚ they prove ideal for delicate‚ precise work. A dust protection shield‚ unique to Bien-Air‚ helps give them an extraordinarily long service life. Bien-Air´s air-driven units‚ 100% Swiss Made‚ are available in three versions: two table-top and one for wall mounting.

Product Features

  • TD 783 turbine
  • for 2-hole coupling‚
  • friction grip (FG)