Bien Air 4VLM Multi-Purpose Hose‚ Grey
Bien Air 4VLM Multi-Purpose Hose, Grey

Bien Air 4VLM Multi-Purpose Hose‚ GreyCode : ba1600102-001

Price: $208.58

Product Description

Whether fitted with an air exhaust‚ whether intended to function with or without light‚ or whether or not they are sterilizable‚ our hoses for turbines and MC2‚ MC3‚ BASCH‚ MX-i and MX-i LED micromotors offer all the qualities you expect from 100% Swiss Made products. They are manufactured from very high-quality materials and are extremely resistant and flexible. Every hose is assembled by hand and is individually tested. A guarantee of quality and unfailing reliability.

Product Features

  • With 4-way coupling with electrical socket‚ 10 mm hose in grey silicone‚
  • standard length 1.7 m